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Salem Airport

Description and history: Site of the DiMera jet, the Alamain jet, and commercial flights.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Stefano DiMera, John Black, Hope Williams Brady, and Kristen Blake: Stefano once convinced John to break him out of prison by telling him that he had the cure to Roman's deadly disease. Kristen, desperate to get back into John's good graces, begged to follow Stefano and John as they travelled into the jungle. Hope, not trusting Stefano and Kristen's motives, stowed away and helped John find the elusive flower that saved Roman's life.

Captain Roman Brady and Billie Reed Brady: Worked on an ISA smuggling case together in Paris and in Switzerland. Posing as stolen art buyer Jessie Bob and his mistress Ruth Ann James, the two were led to Lily Faversham's house where they encountered John and Hope.
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Princess Gina: After the explosion on Ernesto Tuscano's island which was thought to have taken her life, Hope Williams Brady travelled throughout Europe for several years with Rudolfo Miradi (aka Stefano DiMera). Although she doesn't remember those four years, Hope has discovered much from returning to Eurpoe posing as Princess Gina.

Edmund and Susan Banks Crumb: Living in England with baby Elvis. Susan is thought to be dead by Stefano who believes that his son, Elvis, is being raised by Kristen.
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