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Carrie and Austin's Apartment Building

Description and history: Site of many Salemite apartments as well as former shelter for some very prominant roomates.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Austin and Carrie Brady Reed; Jonah Carver and Wendy Reardon: Carrie and Austin met as neighbors in this building. When they married, they moved into Austin's apartment. Jonah also lived in this building.
Found: on the roof, scene to many romantic interludes in this building.

William Reed Roberts: Once thought to be the son of Austin and Sami, actually fathered by Lucas Roberts. Depending on circumstances, may become a permanent feature in Carrie and Austin's apartment.
Found: Sleeping (as always) in Austin's guest room.
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Samantha Brady: Sister of Eric, Belle and Carrie. Once lived in Austin's apartment for an extended period of time.
Found: At Carrie and Austin's to "visit Will".

Eric Brady: Son of Dr. Marlena Evans and Roman Brady. Has three sisters: Carrie and Sami Brady and Isabella Black.
Found: Currently living in Carrie's old apartment.
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Hope Williams Brady (aka Gina) and Billie Reed Brady: both lived in Carrie's old apartment.
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