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The Brady Pub

Description and history: Formerly the Brady Fish Market, the home of owners Shawn and Caroline Brady is located above the pub.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Shawn and Caroline Brady: Heads of the Brady clan, parents of Bo, Roman, Kim, and Kayla.
Found: Preparing the great, home cooked meals that the Pub boasts.

Bo Brady: Son of Caroline Brady and Victor Kiriakis, but looks upon Shawn as his father. Siblings include Roman, Kim, and Kayla Brady and Isabella Tuscano Black.
Found: Selecting a sweater form the closet of adorable pullovers that he shares with Eric.
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Roman and Eric Brady: Father-son duo who are attempting to move on after their respective romantic disappointments.
Found: At the counter sharing their problems (and their laundry) with Caroline.

Kimberly Brady: Daughter of Shawn and Caroline. Lives in California with her children, but appears unexpectedly at the Brady Pub.
Found: Counseling a troubled teen runaway who happened by.
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