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The Java Cafe

Description and history: Found in Salem Place, a great spot to grab a cup of Joe and an eyeful of the short waitress uniforms.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Image of nichole.jpg
Nichole Walker: Former waitress discovered for the New Faces modeling campaign by Sami when she was in for a cup of Java. Hides a secret, sordid past.
Found: Inquiring about re-employment in case she pisses Kate off.

Eric Brady: Met on again off again girlfriend Nichole Walker when she served him at the Cafe.
Found: Preaching about the importance of honesty to Nichole.
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Image of roman2.gif
Captain Roman Brady: Salem detective, brother of Bo, Kim, and Kayla.
Found: Lecturing Bo.

Detective Bo Brady: Salem cop who often comes to his big brother, Roman, for advice and assistance.
Found: Explaining the latest way he messed up his life over coffee with Roman.
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