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St. Joseph's Cemetary

Description and history: Home to many empty coffins, as most of those "buried" here have mysteriously returned to Salem.

Some Salem residents you might find tombstones for:

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Stefano DiMera: "The Phoenix" has defied death eight times including: two explosions (both a result of gunfire), one shooting, a cave in, two drownings, and two plummets to what was thought to be certain death.

Dr. Marlena Evans: Presumed dead on two occassions, one as a victim of the Salem Strangler. The deceased turned out to be Samantha Evans, Marlena's twin sister.
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Captain Roman Brady: thought to be dead several times. Once took a plunge off of a cliff only to return later, very much alive. Recently, after a seemingly fatal twist in an ISA case, Roman was revealed to be dead, but was later returned to Salem by a vengeful Kristen Blake.

Hope Williams Brady: thought to have been killed in an explosion at the hands of Ernesto Tuscano. Later found at Stefano's Maison Blanche estate in Louisana and rescued by John Black.
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Dr. Carly Manning: buried alive by Vivian and later rescued. Now lives in Europe with husband, Lawrence, and son, Nicholas Alamain.

Kristen Blake Black: thought to have been drowned in the Blake house pool, although Stefano believes that she has taken an extended holiday with baby Elvis. Penelope Kent is bried here. Kristen is on a remote island imprisoned in a sultan's palace.
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Peter Blake: Thought to have been shot to death by Jack Deveraux, it turned out that Stefano's next of kin are as resiliant as he is. Daniel Scott is buried in this grave.

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Jennifer Horton Deveraux Blake: To trick a confession out of ex-husband, Peter Blake, Jenn and her circus friends faked a fatal car accident. Unfortunately, the message was interrupted and Jen's family thought she was actually dead.
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