The Cheatin' Heart

Description and history: Favorite spot for Salem lonely hearts. This seedy tavern offers an abundance of alcohol, country music, and belligerent men. Visits usually result in trouble or financial/property loss.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Bo Brady: Son of Caroline Brady and Victor Kiriakis. Father of Shawn Douglas with Hope Williams and decaesed baby girl, Georgia, with Billie Reed.
Found: Gambling away the title to his boat, "The Fancy Face" in a poker game.

Franco Kelly: shady model/assassin hired by Kate Roberts to break up Bo and Hope. Currently thought to be dead, but one never knows in Salem. Used to spend a great deal of time at the Cheatin' Heart when he was in cahoots with Jill, the girl he beat the hell out of and used to trap Bo.
Found: picking up women at the bar.
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Carrie Brady-Reed: Daughter of Anna DiMera and Roman Brady. Married to Austin Reed.
Found: Hiding her frustration about her feelings for Dr. Mike Horton behind a rousing game of billiards.

Lucas Roberts: Product of an affair between Kate Roberts and Bill Horton. Father of Will Roberts with arch enemy Sami Brady.
Found: at the bar. All bars are second home to Lucas.
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Billie Reed Brady: Daugter of Kate Roberts and ghetto-slime Curtis Reed. Mother of one deceased daughter, Georgia with Bo Brady. Used to visit The Cheatin Heart alot when she first returned to Salem. Also a hell of a line dancer.
Found: Sitting at the bar with  her half-brother, Lucas and pining for Bo.

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