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Annabella's Thoughts for the Day

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Monday, November 16, 1998

Quotes of the day:

"I'm motorized here, Ok?" Lucas showing Taylor his independence in his new wheelchair

"Ivan, grow up." Stefano DiMera

Scene of the day: Billie Removes Her Ring

Rating: surprising

In a startling turn of events, Billie removes her wedding ring after only a slight coaxing by her mother. What she did with it after that has yet to be seen. It may be a bit early to begin celebrating her release of her obsession however, knowing Billie, she has something else up her sleeve.

Marlena's Fear of Stefano

Rating: Nostalgic

It has been awhile since there has been genuine fear in the eyes of Dr. Marlena Evans. She attempts to appear strong and sure in front of Stefano, but after their conversation in Salem Place, Marlena has become the number one advocate of the "leave your memories buried" interest group. It has been a long time since Stefano has been able to get to Marlena in such a way that, it turns out, is doing his bidding.

Roman Knows it All

Rating: kick ass

Once again Captain Roman Brady is successfully putting the pieces together and exposing the truth. Not only is her on the brink of solving the Franco Kelly murder mystery, he is about to dig up all of Kate's old skeletons and possibly her relationship with Stefano.

Vivian and Roman, Old Chums?

Rating: questionable

Viv greeted Roman's surprise visit today with open arms. The two chatted like college roomies, but thinking back, the two have really not spent much time together. Hmmmm.

Stefano's CD Collection

Rating: Pending

Stefano is once again at the helm of some ridiculously complex scheme. It involves a satellite dish and some CD's conveniently labeled "Princess Gina's Memories" and "John Black's Memories". Now that they have been revealed, something is probably about to hit the fan.

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