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The DiMera Mansion

Description and history: Formerly the Donavon Mansion, purchased by Tony DiMera for his wife, Kristen Blake. There are two known secret rooms. One was formerly used as ISA secret headquarters and the other, founf in the wine cellar, was used to imprison Dr. Marlena evans and her nemesis, Kristen Blake DiMera.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Stefano DiMera: Father of Kristen, Tony, Peter, Megan, Lexie, Benjy, Renee, and Elvis. After Kristen's "death", inherited the DiMera mansion and currently lives there.
Found: watching some unsuspecting victim on his magic Salem survailence monitor.

Kristen Blake DiMera: Stefano's daughter and owner of the DiMera mansion. Imprisoned in a sultan's palace, but who knows when she'll be back.
Found: Begging daddy for help with one of her innumerable schemes.
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Tony DiMera: Purchased the DiMera mansion for Kristen. Thought to be dead, but his father's power is far reaching.
Found: Hidden away in a secret room for the past several years.

Susan Banks Crumb: former body double for Kristen and Mother of Stefano's baby, little Elvis. Currently lives in England and is presumed dead by Stefano.
Found: Mumbling about the vampires in the DiMera mansion
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Dr. Rolf: Survived his beating by ISA agents in Stefano's jungle compund to come to Salem as the DiMera's do-all doctor, specializing in mind manipulation.
Found: In the secret room preparing some mind altering concoction.

Vivain Alamain Jones and Ivan Marais: At one time blackmailed by both Stefano and Kristen for favors. Members of "Kristen's" wedding party at the mansion.
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Shane, Kim, and Eve Donavon: used to live in the DiMera mansion when it was the Donavon Mansion.
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