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Grandma Alice's

Description and history: Alice and Tom Horton's family home. Down the street from the Brady House. Also the Horton Center.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Alice "Gran" Horton: Head of the Horton Clan and mother to Bill, Addie, Tom Jr., and Marie.
Found: Making homemade doughnuts in the kitchen.
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Mickey and Maggie Horton: Long time Salem couple. Mickey is the son of Alice and Tom.
Found: In the living room with Mickey preparing for a family court case.
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Bo, Hope, and Shawn Douglas Brady: Hope is Tom and Alice's granddaughter. Hope and son Shawn D are currently living with Gran. Bo is usually around as well.
Found: In the kitchen with Grandma Alice.

Lucas Roberts: Son of Bill Horton and Kate Roberts. Lived with Gran during the child abuse hearing involving son, Will.
Found: In the living room recieving an Alcoholics Anonymous pep talk from Maggie who is his sponsor.
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Greta "Swamp Girl": Rescued from the Bayou by Bo and Billie. Lived here to hide her from Stefano DiMera who believed her to be dead.
Found: Talking to Hope about her mother, Princess Gina.

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