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Horton House

Description and history: Horton family home bought for Jennifer. Site of the Horton-Brady barbecues. One attempted murder on the premesis.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Jack, Jen, and Abby Deveraux: After a long family hiadus, the three are back together all under one roof.
Found: leaving the house on a trip to Africa.
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Mike Horton and Carrie Brady Reed: a star crossed couple constantly being manipulated.
Found: Stealing a kiss, as they cannot hide their feelings any longer.

Dr. Laura Horton: Crazy mother of Jennifer and Mike who lives in the house as well.
Found: muttering to herself about how she must stop the deciet in Salem.
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Nurse Lynn Burke: former University hospital staffer who blew the whistle on Sami during the Austin scandal. Also worked for Kristen and Stefano to keep Laura's memories at bay.
Found: In the living room recieving a hysterical berating by Laura who discovered her secret.

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