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University Hospital

Description and history: Home of the infamous Horton Legacy, Salemites frequent the hospital as patients, employees, or visitors. Hot spot for gossip and conspiracy.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Dr. Michael Horton: Chief of Staff of the hospital. Know it all doc who seems to specialize in everything.
Found: humbly recieving his post-surgery, great save congratulations.

Carrie Brady Reed: Public relations head the University Hospital.
Found: Out on the balcony, teary-eyed as she ponders her love life.
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Image of nancycraig.jpg
Craig and Nancy Wesley: Pediatric neurosurgeon turned cardiologist and his candy striper wife. Craig was Mike Horton's rival in med school and for the COS position at the hospital. This manipulative duo has the hospital staff turning in circles.

Dr. Lexie Carver: Daughter of Celeste Perrault and Stefano DiMera. Married to chief of police, Abraham Carver. Works at the hospital.
Found: Working. Always working.
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Image of alli.jpg
Ali McKintyre: Ambitious nurse who has been romantically involved with Mike.
Found: Telling all the juicy details of her dates with Mike 30 seconds after agreeing to keep them private.

Alice Horton: Late husband Tom Horton was COS at University hospital and now grandson Michael is.
Found: Doing her endless hospital voulenteer work.
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Image of marl.jpg
Dr. Marlena Evans: Walked back into her psychiatric position after a several year absence.
Found: Just coming from the office. (as always)

Dr. Laura Spencer Horton: Another no show doctor. In all fairness it must be hard to balance a career and an outpatient relationship with the looney bin.
Found: popping pills out of her medical bag.
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