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The Kiriakis Mansion

Description and history: Owned by currently vegitative Victor Kiriakis, this gorgeous mansion comes complete with guest house, access to hard liquor 24 hours a day, and a faithful butler, Henderson. One murder on the property.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Kate Roberts: Mother of Billie, Austin, Lucas, and Phillip and head of the entire Kiriakis estate. Obsessively trying to keep her children happy.
Found: Eyeing Taylor as a potential match for Lucas.
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Victor Kiriakis: currently vegitative head of the Kiriakis fortune and Titan Publishing. Father of two sons, Bo Brady and Philip Kiriakis and one decased daughter, Isabella Tuscano Black. Currently in a special care facility.
Found: Lying in bed incapacitated.

Billie Reed Brady: Lovelorn daughter of Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed. One deceased baby daughter, Georgia, with Bo BRady. Lives in the Kiriakis mansion.
Found: In the garage weeping over the loss of her daughter and Bo.
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Lucas Roberts: Love child of Kate Roberts and Bill Horton. Siblings include Billie and Austin Reed, Philip Kiriakis,and  Jennifer, and Michael Horton. Father of William Roberts with Samantha Brady.
Found: Upstiars with Taylor working on his physical therapy.

Taylor Raines: Sister of Titan model, Nichole Walker, and physical therapy intern. Lives in the Kiriakis mansion.
Found: helping Lucas with his Physical therapy while simultaneously trying not to badmouth Nichole.
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Captain Roman Brady: Father of Sami, Eric, and Carrie Brady. Worked on ISA smuggling case with Billie Reed.
Found: having a heated back and forth with Kate Roberts on his way to find Billie.

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