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University Park

Description and history: Great place for a jog, a family outing, or a long monologue. Has a bench in the center which is alway vacant, but was a site for numerous romantic encounters.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Eric Brady: Confused twentysomething who spends a great deal of time alone and disturbed.
Found: Taking a long walk to "get some air and think things out."
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Taylor Raines: Sister of Bella model, Nichole Walker. Has a schoolgirl crush on Eric.
Found: At her prayer group trying to resolve her hostility against her sister.

Dr. Michael Horton: Childhood friend of Carrie Brady Reed and Chief of Staff at University Hospital.
Found: bumped into Carrie on one of his random jogs and the two grabbed a bench and a chat.
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Carrie Brady Reed: Wife of Austin Reed and friend of Mike Horton. Director of Public Relations at the hospital.
Found: Sitting on "their" bench after a suprise run in with Mike in the park.

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