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Marlena's Penthouse

Description and history: Beautiful penthouse, home to Dr. Marlena Evans, Belle and Brady Black, and Nanny, Chelsea. Other residents come and go at "Doc"'s will.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans: a couple with seemingly impassable obstacles to their relationship, sudenly free to be together.
Found: In Bed, where else?

Belle and Brady Black: Belle is John and Marlena's daughter, once thought to be Roman's. Brady is John's son with late wife, Isabella Tuscano.
Found: Spending an inordinate amount of time with Chelsea the nanny.
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Samantha Brady: Half of Roman Brady and Marlena's twin set. Currently living with her mother.
Found: In a guest room trying to uncover her "missing memories".

Edmund and Susan Banks Crumb: Kristen Blake's former body double and her British husband.
Found: "popping in" with baby Elvis for a visit with 'Dr. Marlena Evans'.
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