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The Penthouse Grille

Description and history: Gorgeous rooftop resteraunt in the Titan Publishing building. Will most often find several familair couples dining there at one time.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Kate Roberts, Stefano DiMera, and Vivian Alamain: Stefano has been seen here with both ladies on the same night, but whomever he choses, he always makes a scene. Seductive call girl turned executive and Stefano's partner at Titan Publishing, Kate Roberts put on a sexy show while dancing with him at the Penhouse Grille. Vivian, her rival, is supposedly banned for life by Kate for her unruly behavior at the hands of Stefano.

Samantha Brady Reed: For late fiance Franco Kelly's birthday dinner, Sami dressed as his favorite star, Marilyn Monroe, and sang for him. The evening ended abruptly as Sami was shot.
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Dr. Mike Horton and Ali McKintyre: Sketchy doctor/nurse relationship sustained by Mike's pain over Carrie Brady Reed.

Austin and Carrie Brady Reed: Long tortures Salem couple who rarely find the time to dine together anymore. This is their favorite place.
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John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans: Reunited couplewho have gads of time and money to spend on each other.

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Captain Roman Brady and Billie Reed: Made a show stoppind debut as a couple at the Penthouse Grille with their playful dining and dancing. Encore!
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