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First Ever Roman and Billie Fan Page!

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Captain Roman Brady: Son of Caroline and Shawn Brady. Brother of Bo, Kim, and Kayla. Father of Carrie Brady Reed with Anna DiMera and twins Eric and Samantha Brady with Dr. Marlena Evans. Lost Marlena due to her love for John and the child of their affair, Isabella Black. Is a Detective and ISA agent, and lives alone in the Brady house, which he owns.

Billie Reed Brady: Daughter of Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed. Siblings include Lucas, Austin, and Phillip. One deceased daughter, Georgia, fathered by lost love, Bo Brady. Countess Whilomena executive at Titan Publishing. Lives at the Kiriakis Mansion.
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Both Roman and Billie have had "false" weddings with their lost loves. When Roman was thought to be dying, Marlena put her feelings for John aside and agreed to marry him. He collapsed during the ceremony and eventually found out the truth. Billie and Bo were married in Rome as part of a charade used to bring down drug lord, J.L. King.
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Although it began as an ISA case and was fueled by the pain of losing thier relationships, Billie and Roman's relationship has the potential to become something real. The age difference and the possible family wierdness for little Will are miniscule problems compared to some of the things that Salem couples overcome. A great added bonus is the ability of their togetherness to induce jealousy in both Bo and Marlena!
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