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Salem P.D.

Description and history: Home to Salem's finest crime fighters all under the watchful eye of Chief of Police, Abraham Carver.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

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Abraham Carver: Chief of Police and husband to Dr. Lexie Carver. Despises Lexie's father, Stefano DiMera.
Found: in his office bringing Lexie to tears with his 'offhand' remarks about her father and generally delegating authority.

Captain Roman Brady: Detective and ISA undercover agent.
Found: going through the info on the smuggling ring so that he can split to Europe with Billie after his daughter Sami's murder trial.
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Detective Bo Brady and Hope Williams Brady: Bo suspended Hope from the force for witholding information about Stefano. Her probation is up, and Hope may think to return to the Salem P.D.
Found: using police equipment to searh for Hope's "four missing years".

John Black: not a cop, but has enough money to restore the place on the force he lost when it was revealed that he was not Roman Brady.
Found: tagging along wherever the action is.
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