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Salem Place

Description and history: Outdor shopping mall featuring  the Gift Box, the Java Cafe, and a movie theatre. Very expensive stores, but you will most often find a familiar face while shopping at Salem Place.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Image of Billie.jpg
Billie Reed Brady: Former drug addict daughter of Kate Roberts and Curtis Reed. Siblings include Austin, Lucas, and Philip.
Found: Sitting on a bench talking to Hope's compact.

Hope Williams Brady: Daughter of Doug Williams and Addie Horton. One child, Shawn Douglas Brady, fathered by Bo Brady.
Found: At the Gift Box purchasing a new tiara.
Image of hope.gif

Image of nicoleba.JPG
Nichole Walker: Snooty Titan model and former girlfriend of Eric Brady. One sister, Taylor Walker.
Found: Maxing out her credit cards.

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