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Titan Publishing

Description and history: Huge corporation owned by former powerhouse, Victor Kiriakis. Also affiliated with Bella Magazine and Countess Whilomena makeup. Titan features an on site gym, a photo lab, and a large wet bar in the CEO's office.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Image of stefkate.jpg
Kate Roberts and Stefano DiMera: Equal partners at Titan. Kate is the CEO in Victor Kiriakis' absence and Stefano inherited his shares from Tony and Kristen.
Found: Having a drink at Kate's in-office bar and plotting.

Vivian Alamain Jones: Kate Roberts' rival. Her corporation, Alamain International, is directly upstairs.
Found: coaxing away more of Kate's authors.
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Image of lucas.gif
Lucas Roberts: Major executive, in charge of many, works long hours, and makes a large amount of money.
Found: Trying to pick up some of his female coworkers.

Austin Reed: Another one of Kate Roberts' children and also works at Titan.
Found: In the Titan Gym, puching away at the old bag.
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Image of billiework.jpg
Billie Reed Brady: Countess Whilomena Makeup executive and daughter to CEO, Kate Roberts.
Found: In her office doing whatever it is that she does.

Eric Brady and Nichole Walker: On again off again model/photographer couple. Their careers at Titan are becoming as tumultuous as their relationship.
Found: In the Titan photo lab making up or breaking up.
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Image of taylor1.jpg
Taylor Raines: Former cleaning girl and sister to model, Nichole Walker.
Found: lurking about waiting for Eric.

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Hope Williams Brady and Franco Kelly: Former Bella/Countess Whilomena models who are on the walls everywhere!
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