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Jonesy's Townhouse

Description and history: Ornate townhouse lavishly decorated with priceless works of art and treasures. Legally owned by Vivian Alamain's former husband, Jonesy, and eccentric. Wall compartment and heavily alarmed basement door stored more mystery.

Some Salem residents you might find there:

Image of viviL.jpg
Vivian Alamain Jones: Wealthy heiress to Jonesy's fortune. CEO of Alamain International.
Found: In her bedroom dressing up like Carmen Miranda for another evening at the penthouse grille.

Ivan Marais: Manservant to Vivian Alamain and also madly in love with her.
Found: In the bathroom popping tranquilizers and worrying about "Madame".
Image of ivan.JPG

Image of Stefano1.jpg
Stefano DiMera: True owner of the townhouse and all of its secret treasures. Also has hidden survailence camera in the living room.
Found: In the basement looking for any of the secrets that Bart may have left behind.

Celeste Perrault: Former employee to Stefano DiMera and mother of his daughter, Lexie Carver. Works for Vivian at Alamain International.
Found: In the front hall talking to John Black.
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Image of john3.jpg
John Black: Also Forrest Alamain, Vivian's nephew. Fueled by family ties and his personal vendetta against Stefano, John has been taking a great interest in Vivian recently.
Found: In the front hall talking to Celeste about Stefano's "evil motives".

Other interesting things one might see:

Image of stefano2.jpg
Someone dressed as Elvis: Susan Banks' favorite crooner has made several appearances at the townhouse.
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Image of vivivan2.jpg
Vivian and Ivan in costume: Viv and her sidekick have both been known for their interesting attire.
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Image of seance1.jpg
Spooks and spectres: there have been several ghosts, both real and false in the townhouse, along with attempts to invoke more.
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