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Click on the Salem Site you would like to visit and you will be transported there. Includes a brief history of the residence or establishment and photos of the Salemites you might find there. Some of the pages are slow to load right now, so please be patient. This page is undergoing major renovations, so check back for an improved, faster, more detailed page in the near future!
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Salem Establishments and Sights:

         Salem Place
         The Pier
         Titan Publishing
         University Hospital
         The Penthouse Grille
         Salem P.D.
         The Brady Pub
         Salem Airport
         St. Luke's Cathedral
         The Cheatin' Heart
         The Snake Pit
         University Park
         St. Joseph Cemetery
         The Java Cafe
         St. Monica's Convent
         Salem Prison
         Stefano's Random Underground

Salem Residences:

         Grandma Alice's
         The Blake House
         The Brady House
         Horton House
         Marlena's Penthouse
         Carrie and Austin's Apartment Building
         Jonesy's Townhouse
         The Kiriakis Mansion
         The DiMera Mansion

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This page is in no way affiliated with NBC, Corday Entertainment, or Sony Pictures Entertainment. Images and information were obtained from the links cited. Special thanks to Dustin's Page and Beth's Page for lots of pictures and historical info.

I am currently looking for pictures of: Jamie Caldwell, Henderson the Kiriakis butler, Father Jansen, and Father Francis. I would also love to find some sound files of the Days background music. If you can help, please e-mail me!

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